Commercialization Of Organ Transplant Research Paper

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Student: Patrick Frost
Instructor: Professor Edwin Martinez del Rio
Business Ethics 309
October 21, 2013
Strayer University

Arguments in favor of organ commercialization
Commercialization of human organs from consenting adults will lead to an increase in the supply of organs needed for transplants (Kanniyakonil, 2005). The major challenge in hospitals is the lack of organs needed for transplantation to the increasing number of patients. Currently, organs are only accepted from victims of altruism suicide and this does not cover the medical needs throughout the world. Thus, by commercializing organs for transplants, the number of organ will
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Patients will also be forced to bid for the donation which is unethical. The practice will also trickle down to marginalization of health care being provided. The rich people will benefit from quality medical care while the poor will die as they cannot afford the prices of the organs.
Commercialization of organ transplants will also affect the ethics of the society. It will also affect the donation programs that exist where the needy patient is catered for first. Organ donation program also include voluntary programs where people may volunteer to donate their organ to save their loved ones. With commercialization of the process, all the noble gestures aimed at saving human lives will be tainted with economic value (Andre & Velasquez, 2010). The human rights of people on life support may be violated as their family may opt to sell their organs rather than pay the huge medical bills for a medical program that may not be beneficial to the person. Another major problem is that people buying the organs may not get compatible donors and this will result in the death of their loved ones from medical complications due to organ rejection.
Finally, commercialization of human organs will lead to a deficit in the organ supply rather than the intended increase in supply. Commercialization of human organs will aggravate the problem rather than providing the intended solution. The law of economics that matches increase in demand with increase in prices will render the