communications and positive relationships Essay

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Communication and Positive Relationships

Module 1 Activities
Why is it important that you are able to communicate effectively with people in your job role?
Good communication is very important when working with children, young people, their families and carers. By being able to communicate effectively I am making sure that I am understood and understanding too. People, especially children respond well to positive communication, and by being able to communicate effectively with children I
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I will include positive aspects of the child’s performance. I will listen to the parents input and there point of view. ‘... Surveyed parents wanted to be treated with respect and as equals when communicating with educators. Parents are not looking for a cold, professional approach from school staff. Rather, teachers who develop a “personal touch” in their communication style achieve enhanced school relationships.’
Communicating with Parents: Strategies for Teachers, Susan Graham-Clay

When discussing these issues with the teacher and other external professionals I will be non judgemental, be respectful towards the child and be sure to communicate in a way that all information is passed on accurately regarding the child’s behaviour and any other issues that there may be.

How can a HLTA help pupils to understand why it is necessary to behave appropriately during lessons?

‘It’s far more effective to encourage good behaviour rather than deal with misbehaviour as it arises’ A HLTA can help pupils understand why it is necessary to behave appropriately by firstly being aware of the schools policy on behaviour, then making the pupils aware of the policies regarding acceptable behaviour at the school.
Pupils can be told how inappropriate behaviour can disrupt the learning process of others and the teaching process.
A poster of class rules/expected behaviour can be put up in the