1. What Does The Term 'Risk Of Significant Harm' Mean?

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Task 1

In your own words, answer the following questions.
1. What does the term ‘risk of significant harm’ mean? Answer q1. If the circumstances that are causing concerns for the safety welfare and wellbeing are present to significant extent.
2. What are the types of child abuse? Answer for q2. 1.physical 2.sexual 3.neglect 4.phychological
3. Identify three possible indicators or signs for each type of child abuse/neglect. Answers q3 1 physical > bruising behaviour problems depression anxiety 2 sexual > bed wetting ,nightmares , scared of people touching them 3 neglect >can be unbathed dirty, little to no food ,too big or small clothing thats dirty
4. What does the term
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After the first few days, you noticed that she was flirting with one of the male youth workers.
This is not an unusual situation and generally does not create major issues. Expectations that staff not engage in any relationship other than a professional helping relationship are clearly outlined in the agency code of conduct, staff recruitment and ongoing professional development and training.
You have noticed over the last few weeks that the worker Jackson appears to be flirting back. You have noticed that there is a lot of incidental touching between them and while you have seen no touching that is clearly inappropriate you can “feel” a lot of sexual energy between them when they are interacting. You have tried to raise it in discussion but Jackson is dismissive and will not engage on the topic.
1. How you would respond to this situation?
Answer q1
1.follow your work place policy and procedures
2.report incidents of your observation to your supervisor
3.discuss your concerns with jackson and karli
2. What ethical issues may arise when responding to these situations?
Answer q2
1.breaching the client and workers code of ethics
2.client history and vulnerability and mental status
3.disscussion of sexual or romatic relationship have occurred
4.conflict of interest
5.mandatory and disciplinary action for the case worker
Task 3
Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow.
Personal Information about Joseph
Date of