compare and contrast the predominant cultural characteristics of the U.S. with those of the European Union Essay

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This essay will discuss how the cultural domains of Religion, Ethnicity/Nationalism, Development and Geography (REND-G) compare and contrast the predominant cultural characteristics of the U.S. with those of the European Union. Specifically, we will discuss how the different characteristics of Religion manifests in the way the U.S. and Europe deal with security concerns. Searching for a new beginning and seeking religious freedom, early Pilgrims travelled to the New World (America) and fleeing religious oppression of the Old World (Europe). The Pilgrims believe “they were carrying out God’s Will and, as a result, they would become a shining example for the rest of humanity” . This new land free from persecution, subjection, …show more content…
Ulrich Beck states the EU culture finds distinguishing an evil person problematic because “the evil person is a stranger, not a neighbor or one of us” (Hampton, 2011, 81). The latter produces restrictions in the capacity of the EU to determine existential risks. In this essay, we discussed the beginnings of the New World (America) and the beginnings of the American’s shining example to the rest of the world. The importance of the separating of church and state in this new world was imperative for the Pilgrims new way of life. The American made sure language was included in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights granting freedom of religion to all. The significance of religion has always been apart of the American way of life and still is today as more than half the population still goes to church. America also believes its doing God’s work and will raise up to fight the devil and evil throughout the world. We also talked about how the European Union (EU) does not show favoritism with its 28 member countries. This was not always the case as most Europeans identified themselves as Christian before 1957 Treaty in Rome. Unlike the U.S. regular attendance of church has dropped significantly, which supposedly, has ties to the religious belief system that defines morality and distinguishes between good and evil.