General Education Requirements

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Psychology of the Science
Degree Requirements:
Overall requirements to complete your degree include completing a minimum of 120 units. At least 42 of those units must be in upper-division (300-400 level) coursework.
To graduate you must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in your major, minor, and overall.
This page outlines your General Education requirements. Page 4 will review the requirements for the Psychology major.
General Education Requirements:
ENGL 101, 107 AND ENGL 102, 108
Or ENGL 109H (along with a 4 or 5 on the AP English exam)
Mid-Career Writing Assessment: Fulfilled by an A or B in 2nd semester of English. If you earned a C or lower in your 2nd semester of English, discuss alternate options with your advisor.
BA: MATH 109C or 112 or higher, see APRR for excluded course numbers
BS: MATH 113, 114, 124, 125, or 129
Second Language
BA: 4th semester proficiency
BS: 2nd semester proficiency
Tier 1
Traditions and Cultures-2 courses of different letters (Ex: PHIL160A and HIST160C)
Individuals and Societies-2 courses of different letters (Ex: PSY 150A1 and GWS 150B)
Fall 2012 requirement term and beyond: Students must take PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology for the Psychology major. PSY 150A1: Structure of Mind & Behavior is a general education class and is considered equivalent to PSY 101 therefore it will not earn you credit for the major or general education requirements. If you are a PSYC major, you should take a _____150A/B/C general education class that is not PSY 150A1. Neither class is required if you have taken the AP Psyc test and earned a score of 4 or 5 or if you have an Introduction to Psychology transfer course.
Students in requirement terms prior to Fall 2012: If you took INDV 101: Structure of Mind and Behavior (aka PSY 150A1) or transferred in credit for an approved introductory Psychology class and are using that class as a Tier 1 INDV, you do not need to take PSY 101 for your Psychology major. However, you CANNOT "double-dip" the units for that course in both your general education and your Psychology major. You must have 33 total units of Psychology credit for your Psychology major (36 Psychology credits/units for requirement terms prior to Fall 2008). You will need to take 3 additional units of Psychology credit (of your choice) to replace those units in the major.
Your advisor can help you determine which rule applies to you.
Natural Sciences-2 courses of different letters (Ex: GEOG170A and BIOL170C)