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University of Phoenix Material Chris Laitinen DOC/700 05/04/2015

Research Resources Scavenger Hunt

Visit the University of Phoenix Research Hub at

Answer the following questions by exploring the Research Hub and its resources.

1. Name the nine University of Phoenix Research Centers.
A. Center for Global Business Research
B. Center for Management and Entrepreneurship
C. Center for Workplace Diversity Research
D. Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research
E. Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research
F. Center for Professional Responsibility in Education
G. Center for Behavioral Health and Research
H. Center for Health Engineering Research
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8. Which of the nine University of Phoenix Research Centers do you believe would best support your current and future research efforts as a doctoral student? Why?

A. I believe the best support for my current doctoral degree would be the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research Center. Working towards my DM/IST degree it will help me research Videos, Blogs, Scholar Resources, and the internet to provide as much evidence to my findings in Doctoral Research.

9. Using the University Library, locate a published study in your area of interest. Provide a brief summary of your study. Determine from which University of Phoenix Research Center this study would have originated it had been published by a UOPX faculty member. Justify your determination.
B. The article talks about how Project Manager interferes to large degree in corporate business today. Mr. Hans mentions that due to the aging technology in the work places, and the extreme cost of IT manager struggle to stay with projects due to the obstacle challenges of infrastructure and applications not compatible