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Escape Travel business, have been 2years winner of running the travel agency. In Australia, Escape Travel has more than 600 businesses in Australia. Escape Travel company can prove offer customer the best deal from their require, and Escape Travel offer a high quality customer service to customers, many people call “the best employer to work for in Australia” that’s mean the employee happy and want to work in Escape Travel. Escape Travel having different brands represented, such as, Flight Centre, Fight Centre Direct, Flight Centre Business Travel Flight Centre Hotels, Escape Travel, Student Flights, Stage & Screen, CI Events, Campus Travel, Infinity Wholesale, The Ticket Centre, and Visiting Friends and Relatives. From the Website of Escape Travel, we can read all the deal from their website, the website offer all the things that traveller need. Escape Travel have contact with lots of companies, from Escape Travel, traveller can plan the whole wonderful travel just sitting at home.

Escape Travel Company, started at Australia in 1993 under the Great Holiday Escapes brand. In 2004, Escape Travel was separate out from Great Holiday Escapes brand, and started doing the full service travel agency by Escape Travel brand. Now the Escape Travel have 1000th store with in 6 countries including Australia.

Escape Travel company have their own knowledge of travelling around of the world and Escape Travel will share their own experience and deliver it to customers with perfect holiday, Escape Travel will plan the best trip for every customer who want to travel in domestic or international.
From customers require, Escape Travel will help you to book flights, tours, cruises and accommodation just for create a great trip for customer. Each customer can be the special, Escape Travel will create a tailor-make escape for customer, bring a fantastic escape to customer.

Global Head Office - 316 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Traditional operation Escape travel

Traditional travel agents

The Flight Central started at the United State first, and then in 1994 they established new flight central with new brand name depends on their main customers. If their main customers were student, their name is “Student Flight”. Especially one of their main targets was general people, who want to go travelling by leisure, so they started the new company with another name, which is “Escape travel”. Especially, the Escape travel‘s main services have booking the flight tickets, hotels, rent the cars, and tour the other countries. And also when customers were going to other countries, they have provided travel insurance as well.


One of Escape travel main technologies for customers is “Computerised Reservation System” (CRS). It started in 1946 at American airlines that it was retrieved information and conduct transaction related to airline travel and helped to book and sell tickets for multiple airlines in domestic airlines. Especially, it worked in business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) that when customers were booking airline tickets and hotel by travel agents on telephone or face-to-face (visited physical store), the company input customer information, date of flight, their main purposes and so on in their computer because, they could keep these information more safely and when the customers comeback for getting new services, they would provide new services more quickly related to previous record, as a result, it helped to make and sustain good relationship between buyers and sellers. After they are keeping, they sent this information by mail or fax to head office and their suppliers (Airline centre and hotel), but they could not provide new services or products quickly to customers. After the CRS, travel agents tried to extend their business areas to other countries, thus they started to use the Global Distribution System (GDS). These technologies are still using