E Business Evolution Essay

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E-Business Evolution

Alex Esteban White
July 16,2012

Stoyanka Petrova

University of Phoenix

Business Information on the Web

Certainly, is imperative to know where e-Business came from, and the purpose of this new process, or online business increase in size, and effect. McCarthy (2008) stated, "In the late
1960s, scientist working for the United States

Air Force needed a way to get data, and

information from one computer to another in the most efficient way possible" G,.129).


1969 at the University of California at Los Angeles the Advanced

Research Project Agency Network was born, one of the precursors of the world's largest resource known as the Internet" (p. 129). Concurrently,

"In the early years, other similar

networks were connected to each other to form larger networks that would eventually come to be

known as the new formula to expand international business information on the Web" (McCarthy,
2008, p.129).
Furthermore, Bill Gates in 1994 directive, "W'e are crossing a technology threshold that

will forever change the way we learn, work, socialize,

and purchase. In fact, it

will affect

everyone, and business of every type, in ways far more pervasive than most people" Sweeney,
2001, p. 3).
However, the International Business Machines Corporation was one a pioneer in e-Business when they launched a crusade approximately in 1997. However, previously their best altemative

rely an e-Commerce. The new altematives consolidate the expectations to comply with complex enforcement, and organizationaltactics capable only on this new platform. Expanding the necessity of other enterprise to maintain, and improve their market with the help of e-Business approach (Papazoglou & Ribbers, 2006, p. 2).


E-Business and E_Commerce
Incidentally, doing business on the Intemet probably will often create a misunderstanding between e-Commerce, and e-Business.

Deflnitely, e-Commerce transactions embrace the following activities online: (1) customers purchase products, and services through a website, (2)
Basic banking secure transaction online, (3) Sales, and payments are by Paypal.com; an Internet-based engine, or a
Website mechanism.

According to AlizaRisdahl (2007), "E-Business can involve everlthing from electronic purchasing to processing orders, from digital communications with vendors, and other business partners to customer services performances online, therefore, e-Commerce is clearly a subset


e-Business" (Risdahl, 2007, p. 2).

Supply Chain Information Technolog5r for Business
Boey in 1999 emphasizes, e-Business is a broader term than e-Commerce. perhaps, it represents a full integration into organizatians'Enterprise Resource Planning systems or equivalent

business tools, to undertake business processes by electronic communications end-to-end. For

instance, setting new parameter to benefits Customer Relationship analysis, Supply Chain
Management, Employment Recruiting, and Management, thereupon, this means that enterprise customers can do far more than simply placing an order and paying for it (Risd ah1,2007, p. 3).

Moreover, multinational organizations can monitor a purchase placement to delivery with assurance, precision, and effi