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As estimated, there is a nearly three hundred millions English etc...) costs 150 hundred million Yuan, the number of the training intuitions in China ups to 5 thousands, and foreign companies also come to China training market. In this respect, China’s appetite for English is going too far. Since 2008 Olympic , there is a lot of concerns for globalization, english is international language. Every student is forced to study English and has to pass English exams to enter high school and university. Students who have talents in other subjects but struggle in English are refused admittance to higher education.

Some shortcoming in English training market
Lack of quality monitoring. Quality is aims to pass the exam instead of improving practical English skills which lead to international students face with problems in academic writing. The “instant success” thought make english teaching just pass the exam and useless.
Lack of market regulation. The competition in English training market forced enterpreneurs to enlarge publication and create influence. Most intuitions decrease cost sightlessly, contest students, price war, continues keep going.
ELP language course is a start-up company cooperate with Nottingham Trent University Student Union to provide quality and effective online english teaching course to the customers.
Our strategy is customer-based servide which is designed to help participants develop and refine their language knowledge and skills for various requiring effective written and spoken communication in term of carry out a business. It emphasises the understanding of communication as a process and involves participants in a variety of individual and collaborative efforts. It focus on a comprehensive overview of the international tests components and helps learners develop the skills they need to obtain a credible score on the IEITS.
Publication: nespaper, online bulletin, facebook’s fanpage.

Market overview
An premium report analyzed and forecasted the worldwide market for digital english language learning products and services between 2011 to 2016 by Adkins (2012).
1. What is

As this figure showed, the worldwide language learning market was $58.2 billion in 2011 and “the global market for digital English language learning products and services reached $1.31 billion in 2011. At the meantime, the reason for shrinking market is more concerns on cost-efficient technology-based products and the movement from classroom and print products.

“English language learning products(offline and online combined) generated 61.7& of the total language learning market in 2011.” That is to say, this largest concentrated revenue opportunity in international language learning market has a significant potential for grow as the sales of digital products of learning English was only 3.7% in 2011.
The worldwide five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 14.5% and revenues will reach $2.58 billion by 2016.”

Why this situation happened?
In his forecast period, the catalysts to the substantial growth in revenues for digital