Essay E-Commerce Ch.6 Exercise 4

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Module 6 Assignment

This university has a chronic shortage of parking spaces on campus. The students, faculty, administrators, staff, and visitors have all complained. But all their complaints have not gone un-heard. The Midland University will now have it’s first annual online auction for parking spaces. The auction will be held on the universities intranet. A intranet page will be set up. Students and all other staff will be required to enter student I.D. number or employee I.D. number, in order to access the site. The page will have a self-explanatory form so you can place your bid. We understand that not everyone has access to computers so we will have computer access at the study labs and library for the disabled and university employees who do not have regular access to computers. The disabled and visitor parking will remain the same and will not be auctioned. The auction will be held for one day, every semester, one week before every semester. The parking spaces will be divided into 3 categories, 1, 2, and 3. There will be maps of these three categories, the closer the parking space, 1, the higher the start out price will be. There are a certain number of spaces in every category, the highest bidder’s will get the closer parking spaces in that category. The closes parking spots, category 1, will start at $40.00, category 2 will start at $20.00, and category 3 will start at $10.00. There will be maps posted all