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January 4, 2013

New Hanover High School
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Dear Reader:

As a junior in high school, I have continued be an honor student ever since freshman year. I also feel inclined to maintain the position I currently uphold through my senior year. Subsequent to finishing high school, I plan to go any of the three colleges including UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Greensboro, and East Carolina University. I am aspired to major somewhere between marketing, business and finance.

During the time I spent researching Michelle Obama’s nutritional plan and childhood obesity, I have gained a lot of knowledge concerning this generation’s lifestyle health wise. Personally, I researched this project because of my curiosity of why and how people get to be their size besides the obvious. I learned that the cause of obesity in general is not only poor diet and lack in exercise, but that the everlasting advancement technology has one of the main reasons.

The process of this research project taught me a lot about time management. Procrastination is a huge factor that as a people, we should really eliminate out of our lives. During the process of this project, I decided to continue the importance and implanted interest within me in further research for my graduation project. Childhood obesity is an issue that, in argument, I would take delight in taking sides with the health smart lifestyle.