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The main reason for this is the radical changes put in place so rapidly with immediate effect. This resulted in lack of structure and consistency throughout the whole chain stores, as you gave each store manager to much autonomy to change the store i.e. decor, food menu etc., the business culture values as a whole was lost and that was what made the business a success before. I understand some changes had to be made but not so drastically. The loss of business culture and lack of dimension of structure had a lot negative effect in the business especially demographic and sociology factor wise as regular customers dislike the changes and constant change in staff router, the reason for this was staff/managers never has any incentive target to …show more content…
At first I thought how a culture integrates in a business metaphorically and the more I read and researched the more I understood the big role it plays in a successful business.
Many cultural element of a business is not obvious, but there has been attempts in the academic literature to develop definition and identify influencing factors. It is possible to see, or feel, that one business is different from another, and that this involves more than just how it present itself to the outside world..
During our discussion on whether a business culture can be changed, I felt that as human we have to adapt to new cultures to understand each other so for a business is imperative for changes to be put in place to modernise the business culture where needed to evolve the business.
Some key factors influencing culture are:
Which industry or sector he business is in, and how much and what type of competition it faces
The procedures and policies within the business – ever-evolving, but often a good indicator of underlying values.
The reward system and the measurement of performance

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