essay 1The building of rapport is often considered one of the most important aspects of a Hypnotherapists work

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The building of rapport is often considered one of the most important aspects of a Hypnotherapists work, discuss.

Introduction; Rapport
Rapport is about the ability to relate to others and develop a trusting and understanding relationship. It is about being in “sync” being on the same “wavelength” as the person you are talking with. It is considered to be the most important aspect in a hypnotherapist work, as a strong rapport built with a client is the key to a successful and positive outcome. For hypnotherapy to be successful the client needs to recognise that you are honest, kind and caring and will then grow to trust you, relax and have the ability to build a good rapport. This will allow the therapist access to the subconscious
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You may like to lean slightly towards the person, although not too far into their personnel space as this will be uncomfortable for them.
To show you are actively listening use encouraging responses like nodding, smiling and affirmation. Avoid reflecting judgemental facial expressions.
Remove distractions, therefore, mobile phones to be on silent and have a clock in your view so you don’t have to look at your watch. Make sure you don’t fidget with objects you are holding or doodle instead of making notes.
Importantly, listen to and match the speed and tone of the client. For example, if your client is softly spoken, you will not build rapport if you speak loudly and fast. Also, listen to the language the client uses. It will not help if you are using words the client would not understand. This matching and mirroring will aid building rapport.
During this conversation the therapists needs to employ genuineness, unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding.
Genuineness: Being oneself, honest and trustworthy, also known as congruence. It is the ability to relate to people in a sincere and non defensive manner. This will encourage client self disclosure.
Unconditional positive regard (UPR): valuing and respecting the client as a unique human being irrespective of how offensive the client’s behaviour might be. Demonstrating acceptance