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Lead In/Prediction
Harmer explains that the lead in stage is “where we engage students with the topic of the reading and we try to activate their schema” or “pre-existent knowledge of the world” (Harmer, 2007:271) Questions and pictures or visual prompts are two of the best ways to elicit interest and discussion at this stage. This particular reading uses a question as the heading; “Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?” and is also visually supported by two pictures. Hence I chose to combine the Lead in and Prediction stages into one stage using the heading (question) and two accompanying photos as the prompts for predicting the topic of the reading, creating interest and setting the context. Harmer explains that “prediction is vitally
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(Harmer, 2007:272).

2nd Reading Task
Harmer explains that typical procedure for text based reading lessons follows a sequence of engaging students in a Type 1 followed by a Type 2 task. (Harmer, 2007: 270). The first reading task (reading for gist) was a Type 1 task and the 2nd reading task is a Type 2 task. It focuses on the sub skill of reading for detail and its purpose is to help students get a better understanding of the text through more searching questions. I chose this task over a reading for specific information (also a Type 2 task) because I believe that a deeper comprehension of the text will stimulate the students to engage and relate to the topic in a more meaningful way. This I believe, will create a better platform for the discussion questions in the post reading task. The true or false statements are organised chronologically (as derived from the text).This is to help the students develop their reading comprehension skills by allowing them to refer to the questions as they are reading and to garner meaning and complete the task efficiently.

Post Reading Task
This task is designed to develop the productive skill of speaking and is essentially a summary of the text. However it asks the students for their personal opinion on the topic and to share their thoughts with their fellow students. In this manner, the students are able to practice speaking and using the newly learnt vocabulary in a