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Tertiary Preparation

I am applying to QUT to study the Bachelor of Design – Architectural Studies because I have a passion for design. I haven’t known I wanted to go down this career path long, possibly only six months. I have always had a passion for the same area of work although I haven’t been able to pinpoint the career I really want until recently. Once completing this degree I would like to complete my masters in architecture then create my own business designing sustainable, environmentally friendly and carbon neutral housing.

I am fully aware of the impacts that tertiary study will have on my life. With an estimated forty hours a week of study ahead I have secured a well paying and completely flexible job for the oncoming
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As I have not been in an office type job or any heavy study since school my writing abilities are probably not to the same standard as most of the other university students. I believe that years of having to communicate often via emails for work in a highly professional manner and that this PCA is some proof that I have adequate writing abilities.

Achievement and Experience

In 2009, while I was in year twelve at Mansfield State High School, I was picked to be part of a team that was to build a house to be the main exhibit at that years HIA Expo in Brisbane. The project was called the Adapt House by Latemore Design. It was a great experience in which I was included in all facets of the construction process, from welding the subfloor together through to putting on the roof. During this project is where I started to develop keen interest in the building industry and in modular housing as it was my first real involvement in it.

After the Adapt House I was certain that I wanted to work in the building industry. I had a fascination with the mighty structures that man could build. I just didn’t know what part of the building industry I wanted to work in. Once finishing school I started my carpentry apprenticeship. I worked the majority of my first year building new homes in the Brisbane area and found not a lot of interest or challenge to it at all. I then