F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby Essay

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1. The narrator of the novel the great Gatsby is Nick Carraway. Nick Carraway was from Minnesota in the middle west of the United States.
2. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first initial impressions given of Gatsby in chapter one were that Gatsby was the type of person that was very sensitive and would give unbroken series of gestures to people. His impressions of Gatsby were very positive as Mr Gatsby was a good hearted man.
3. The reason why Daisy says that she hoped her daughter would be a beautiful fool was because that was expected of women in her world.
4. The type of relationship that Tom and Daisy have was the type of relationship that was just hanging around. There was no real love in their relationship because Tom was cheating on her b having Myrtle Wilson on the side. Tom was married to Daisy for convenience.
5. The first detail about Gatsby parties were he didn’t really invite anyone he just didn’t care much he just loved to throw parties there were no real invitations that were given out it was just be there for the life of the party. The second detail about Gatsby parties was there were only celebrities and the rich. The third detail of Gatsby parties was there was lots of drinking and dancing.
6. The first reason that keeps Nick from falling love with Jordan because he had women back in his town. The second reason was he has to carefully break off the relationship with his other woman and then he would be free.
7. The first factor Gatsby outlines about his background is he was a soldier in the United States in the Great War, that’s when he falls in love with Daisy. The second factor Gatsby outlines about his background is after the war he had to attend Oxford College in England. The third factor Gatsby outlines is he returned to New York after finding out Daisy was with another man and he started to make a lot of money with illegal business.
8. The first rumour that was about Gatsby was that he once killed a man. Another rumour was that he was a German spy. Another rumor about Gatsby was that he was a bootlegger and another rumour was that he had an underground pipe line to Canada. Another rumour was that he was also an oxford man. The reason people cared so much is because a lot of people know of him and because a lot of them are people that are always at the parties that Gatsby puts on.
9. The nature of Gatsby and Daisy relationship was extremely complex. She was