Examples Of Morality In The Great Gatsby

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Shoe Morality Scale Fitzgerald creates Daisy’s character to be flashy and expensive, but careless about others, much like a brand new pair of Louboutin: nice to look at but hard on the feet. In the beginning of the story, when Daisy speaks about her daughter pammy to Nick, she wants her daughter to be “ ‘a beautiful little fool’ ”(21). This shows Daisy’s morals because just like Louboutin, she wants her daughter to look good on the outside without being sagacious on the inside. Throughout the novel, it is shown that Daisy is all about money. Gatsby even remarks that, “ ‘her voice is full of money.’ ”(127) Just like a person buys an expensive pair of heels to showcase their wealth, Daisy cares only about her money. Later on, Nick got fed up with Tom and Daisy because “ they were careless people. They smash up things and creatures and then retreat back to their money.”(188) After Myrtle’s death, Daisy didn’t show any remorse. Instead, she and Tom went away without dealing with the consequences of her actions. In the same way that the Louboutin hurts the feet, Daisy hurts others without caring.
Vintage House of Testoni shoes are expensive, reliable, and can be worn for several years. This fits Gatsby’s values because his love and loyalty never transmutes. Gatsby is a man who possesses a lot of wealth. When Nick and Daisy went over to his house, he shows them his “ ‘beautiful shirts’ ”(98) that he purchases from England. His wealth is what makes him resemble Vintage House of Testoni shoes. Gatsby and Daisy fell in love many years ago, and ever since he has been dreaming of being with her. He even “ ‘bought [his] house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.’ ”(83) Just like House of Testoni shoes can be worn for many years and still be good, Gatsby’s love for Daisy stays identically tantamount. Withal, when Nick tries to convince him that he can’t live in the past Gatsby refuses to accept it; Gatsby cries that “ ‘of course [he] can.’ ” (116). He is in denial about Daisy, that she chose to espouse someone else and that she isn’t going to be with him. This shows Gatsby’s morals because he is still in love with her, and wants to be with her. He is one of the few reliable characters in the book. Fitzgerald portrays Wilson’s