Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal

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Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal: Draft F
Tericka Small, RN, BSN
October 27, 2014
Robin Mc Atee

Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal: Draft F
Section F
Maintaining the Solution
The effects of the expected outcome of this project are indefinite, even though the project has a limited amount of time. Staff will have their training/in-service on rules and regulations of the CDC’s expected guidelines related to surgical site infections. When all of the staff completes their training, there will be no more training/in-services unless the need arises in the future. The education nurse at One Core Health will continue to have the information readily available to any staff member. Staff competency on guidelines will be available every six month for staff through computer training.
Extending the Solution
Once the project is successful, by evidence of objectives being met, the project is projected to end in four months. If there is a need to extend the project, an extension of a month may be utilized. It is expected that those aspects of the project be intended to be ongoing will be sustainable with a minimum of maintenance. If the project is successful, the education nurse at One Core Health will utilize this information to share with Corporate. If Corporate is satisfied with all of the information presented with comprehensive documentation of the results, Corporate will incorporate the project with their sister companies.
Revising the Solution
Plans to revise an unsuccessful project solution will mean going back to the beginning of the project and reviewing the objectives. The necessary changes will be made, starting with the goals of the project and solution. A graphical representation will be established for each of the implementing stages of the solution, with an evaluation of each stage. A review of the failed project solution will also be done, looking at all of the steps to figure out what went wrong and why. After the assessment of this an alternative solution will be developed.
Discontinuing the Solution
There are many reasons a project may be terminated. Admitting that the solution did not accomplish its goal would indicate failure. An unsuccessful solution is a reason a project may be terminated. The budget at One Core Health may become reduced, therefore terminating the project because funds can be applied to equipment that is needed for the operating room.
Plans for