Technology And The Human Race

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Technology and the Human Race The human race has indeed gone far with technology. At the beginning of civilization, they used rocks and stones and now they rely on advanced technology. Everywhere we stand there are electronics all around us, from our kitchen appliances to our cars, and traffic signs lighting up. Where we look, we see from the largest airplane to the smallest microchip with a magnitude of information. If you have yet to notice, we cannot do much without our devices beside us. We are the momma kangaroos and our devices are our joeys, being carried in our pockets, purses, or backpacks where ever we go. We use our cellphones to distract us from uncomfortable situations or avoiding confrontation. For example, when we are …show more content…
For example, people are so distracted in texting and getting things very quick that they are developing short attention span and that can be hurting people around them as well as themselves. Rather than communicating when he was on the date he had rather be on his cellphone and text away. ADD is a serious condition, with the signs of poor concentration, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Having the devices around us are not making it any better from keeping us away from having it. Even so, people may even have ADD and not even realize it. In conclusion, Technology has gone far in humanity, our lives are too revolved all around these devices that in some cases people have acted like they can have ADD. Also, people waste a lot of their time, causing them to procrastinate on important projects. Although, it has helped us in our work field as well as our education role. For example, to get this paper done, I had to use an internet source and I had to type up this paper to print and hand it to my professor. When you find yourself bored with time on your hands, Try something new like creating your own flash mob, or reading a book to your children, and perhaps take your wife out to dinner. Give your device time to itself and time to