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G-122 IP and ANALOG (2 FXO)
The G-122 IP PBX is the ideal small business solution for up to 15 users, which combines full function support of a PBX with the integration of both analog and VoIP telephony. It not only supports the telephony needs of small businesses but also offers powerful features such as: "Never miss a call" where the system will track a person based on the phone numbers provided;
"Automated Attendant" - look more professional by having an automated system answer calls and direct users; "Conference Rooms" - never pay for multiple person conference bridges again, which saves money.
The business phone system has four Ethernet ports, two Foreign Exchange ports for connecting to a phone or fax machine (2 FXS), an echo canceller and functionality for connecting telephone lines (2 FXO) and two USB ports, transforming this into a truly powerful and flexible system. The G-122 IP PBX is a standalone solution that can be installed on any network quickly and easily with the aid of its web browser based configuration that supports wizard based setups.

• Four Ethernet Ports (3 LAN, 1 WAN)
• Two analog phone lines (2 FXO)
• Two analog extensions (2 FXS) for phone or fax
• Two high speed USB ports
• Voicemail to email conversion
• Fax pass-through to an FXS port
• Integrated conference rooms
• Installs simply and quickly
• Supports VoIP out of the box; no upgrades required

Features & Benefits
Analog and Digital Phone Lines

• Ability to transparently support standard phone lines and VoIP lines. Offers additional low cost telephone lines without tying up the main line

PBX Features
• PBX features include: call hold, call transfer, call forward, caller ID, call waiting, paging, music on hold
• Advanced features: converting voicemail to email, conferencing, Find Me/ Follow me, firewall/intrusion detection

VoIP Failover

• Calls can still be made through the regular phone line in the event of internet connection failure

Voicemail to Email

Low Cost Long Distance VoIP Calls

Low Cost Calls From Around the

Digital Receptionist

• All users can have voicemail directly sent to email as a WAV file. Voicemails can then be retrieved from the inbox on a computer or mobile phone
• Messages can be heard through an integrated media player rather than logging into the system
• Allows for a true one inbox solution for emails and voicemails

• Purchase an international DID (phone number) from your VoIP service provider.
Allows “termination” of the phone number into the PBX. Allows configuration of unlimited inbound accounts

• Unlimited VoIP phone numbers
• Customizable greetings and features for multiple telephone lines
• Ability to make long distance calls from a mobile phone by calling the system and entering a password. Offers the advantage of making a long distance call at the rate of an inbound local call
• Dial-by-name directory feature
• Easily create custom greetings

Customized Settings per User

• Settings are configurable for each user

Specifications for G-122
Software Specifications

Hardware Specifications

• Call hold, call transfer, call forward, call waiting, paging
• Caller ID detection
• Call conferencing
• Point-to-point video calling
• Voicemail, voicemail to email
• Dial-by-name directory
• Unified messaging
• Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
• Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
• Branch to branch enabled
• Music on…