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Graduate at Graduation

This assignment explored the following concepts:
Significant and thoughtful investigation of a Graduate at Graduation pillar, and the power of a well communicated idea
Exploration and meaningful use of materials that demonstrates that tools within the medium are appropriate to the message
Mastery of technical skills with selected tools/techniques within the medium
Evidence of risk taking within the image or tools/techniques to push technical and artistic voice
Imaginative communication of selected theme

You are asked to craft an artist statement (no less than 00 words—no more than 150 words) wherein these concepts are addressed.

The title of your artwork should be the title of your artist statement.

So, consider the following questions as you develop your artist statement:

What is the content that my work addressed? How is it addressed?

How did the arbitrary idea of Graduate at Graduation affect artistic or content decisions? How did I use text, color, shape with visual? How did my choices push the meaning of my artwork? How did I intend my audience (teachers/Xavier students) to connect content with my art context (the completed poster design)?

What kind of thoughtful exploration of image, tools or techniques did I pursue in the development of this artwork? How did I challenge (risks) myself within the confines of the space/picture plane?

What evidence of imaginative communication exists in my artwork?
How does