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IV) Objectives and issues
A) Objectives Objectives for the end of 2014
For the first time since the beginning of GoPro we project than we will not increase our sales for 2014 the sale will remind at about 1.0 billion dollars. However we have to cut the cost of revenue to be more profitable. We plan to have a lot of operating expenses particularly on research and development, and on promotion for the launches of our new product the GoPro hero 4.
We have to improve the quality and the versatility of our product with the new GoPro hero 4 out in October. This GoPro will remind an action camera with approximately the same size as the GoPro hero 3. However you will have accessories that you can have to the GoPro design to make the camera
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The competitors on the targeted market segment “the everyday camera” are very powerful and get a lot of resources. Example Sony, Samsung … moreover the competitor multiplies in the segment of action camera and the battle to keep or market share will be complicate.
Finally By targeting another segment we can confuse the customers from the first segment “extreme sport” and loss their loyalty. Instead of selling to those 2 segments we could loss the customers from the first segment and not have access to the second segment (everyday camera).

VI) Action Programs

Thursday June 26th 2014: our company went public. We will sell 17.8 million shares opening at $24 for a total value of $491 million. That would give us a valuation of about $3 billion. On the first day we sold 30% of the action. They started at $24 and end up at $31.34 at close, the next day the action end up a $35.6 at close (+14.1%). The GoPro market capitalization is now at more than $4billion. It’s seems that the investor bet big on our company. The launching of GoPro in the public market has been a big success.
August 2014: developing GoPro studio 2 a powerful video editing tools that allows our customers to create professional quality videos from their GoPro content. And give them the ability to export video for convenient web sharing on the social media. The software will be more complete than the first one with