The Leadership Styles Of The Follett Corporation

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The leadership styles of the Follett Corporation

Prepared for Dr. Gossman MAN 4120

Presented by Gabrielle Smith

April 25, 2011

Introduction The leadership styles of the Follett Corporation are outstanding and will bring about company growth. This paper aims at revealing through analysis and research the leadership styles found within a Follett bookstore. This bookstore is well known by the writer and was chosen because of this intimate knowledge. This research focuses on four leadership styles that have been used within the organization. These styles play apart in the success of objectives and tasks being accomplished. Leaders need to acquire skills that will keep them one step ahead of the
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And finally through the sixth value “each and every associate,” the company does this by demonstrating open and honest communication, respect of other peoples ideas and opinions, support of learning and growth and the recognition of achievements.

Analysis The leadership styles of the bookstore can be described as a mixture of telling or directing, selling or coaching, participating or supportive as well as delegating style. These styles are demonstrated by the store manager on many occasions. During critical times such as the increase of customers on what is termed as “rush” day, managers tend to adopt the telling or directing style. This is so because of the busy state that the bookstore is in. During this style the store manager reflects a high concern for tasks and some what of a low concern for associates working on the floor. The managers are concerned with customer service and want to make sure all customer needs are taken care of. By doing this they tend to neglect associate problems and instead choose to empower associates to solve problems on their own. The selling style can be seen demonstrated when the store manager and other managers are in the middle of checking inventory. During inventory associates are given tasks such as gathering books and initiating the counting of these books as