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10.22 #2
The carbon cycle beginning at photo by which carbon is exchanged among the biosphere ecosphere geospere, and atmosphere of the earth, along with the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle, the carbon cycle comprises a sequence of events that are key to the earth capable of sustaining life.
Lots of different organisms involved in converting carbon this is called decomposition. We know that many organisms such as fungi, insects and other types are very important to forest ecosystem.

10.22 #1
In clam chowder, there are many different ingredients. Its not enough to just know which ingredients are in it, but we need to know how much of each and how they are put together

This is a good analogy because the ecosystem has many components and you need to know how they function as a whole in order to restore the ecosystem function

What is the function of decomposers in a forest? What would be the repercussion of losing the functioning of the decomposers in the carbon cycle?
Organic material contains complex organic matter. Decomposers (such as fungi) break down this matter into a form that is more readily available for other organisms

Without them we would have unusable piles of organic waste
2. Why did Ford of the Ford Motor Company want to grow his own rubber trees in Brazil before World War II? Why did his indigenous workers in his rubber plantations revolt against Ford? Why did this endeavor fail? Ford wanted to eliminate Great Britain’s rubber monopoly…