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Standard 1: Role of the health and social care worker

1.1- My responsibilities as a Care assistant are summarized as to assisting/providing care to those of elderly age and to help with the day-to-day activities within a residential care home setting.
My main responsibilities are as follows: ← Ensure the highest levels of care possible, are maintained by assisting and supporting service users when required. (Washing, toileting, dressings, undressing, and all other aspects of daily life) ← Assisting them with all types of care needs e.g. physical, emotional and spiritual ← Monitor the behavior of those who need monitoring ← Assist in the promotion of independence ← Assist those at end of life care ← Complete all writing records when needed (progress reports, food/fluid charts) ← Answer door and telephone promptly and appropriately. ← Report on the well being of service users ← Make and change beds ← Clean and maintain the equipment that is used by staff, service users and relatives.

1.2 - When working within health and social care it is vital that the service provider is aware of the ways in which the relationship with a service user must be different from the relationships they share with others such as friends and family. Because of the service we as health and social carers deliver, the service user that we are providing for will rely on us heavily, it is therefore important that we build a high level of trust with them. With a service user it is key that you as a carer are punctual and reliable, you could be the only person they see all day and you being there on time and supporting them with boost their confidence and trust in you and themselves. It is important that you work well within the professional boundaries by never forming an inappropriate or intimate relationship with the individual that you are caring for, and by not accepting or taking gifts or money from the user or their family. It is vital that the relationship between carer and user is honest, trustworthy and respectful at all times without discrimination towards any party.

2.1 - Our mission in my workplace is to assist in the provision of care and work as part of a team to achieve required standards and to ensure the service users retain their dignity and individuality whilst also partaking in general activities of the care home.

2.2 - Working in ways that are agreed by your employer is a very important part of your job role, the agreed ways of working are put in place to ensure the safety of yourself, your employer and most importantly the individuals that are being supported by your service. These ways of working are outlined within your policies and procedures provided from your employer, they are not only there to work within your employer but they also comply with the many legislations linked to your job role and any laws. While you are working within these ways agreed it is ensured that you are providing a good quality service without putting yourself or others at risk. It is also a clear way of laying out exactly what is expected from you so you yourself can see it and figure out how to achieve and maintain the standards without going out of your capability.

2.3 - Depending on whether your agreed ways of working are all set out by your employer you could ask your manager for the most recent copy of your policies and procedures and possibly even a more up to date version of your job role/description, they may also be able to be looked at any time if they are kept in a folder where you are allowed to look. There would also most likely be agreed ways of working that you could research yourself which would be the legislations that are related to your role within the work place such as the National…