harry lindsol textbook case Essay

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1. Describe the competing business models of traditional textbooks and etextbooks. How do the customer value propositions of the two textbook formats compare? How are the profit formulas of paper textbooks and etextbooks different?

The business model of a traditional textbook noticed that they needed growth to keep up in the competing market so traditional textbook companies began to innovate from just a traditional textbook to now having add on to the books such as platforms. Textbook companies were faced with not only other traditional textbook companies but also etextbook companies, rentals, and students selling there books. The organizations have to continue to make sure that customer value propositions are met or they will begin
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5. What are the key factors of success in the textbook industry? List and discuss the resources and competitive capabilities are required to achieve success in the industry?

The key factors of success in the textbook industry are to maximize your profit. Many textbook companies find their selves not making there profit because many students are able to buy a book full price and sell it back to the book store and the money is not generating back to the actual company. Textbook companies have to be wiling to innovate and follow the trends. Companies such as McGraw-Hill and Pearson have added platforms to their books and added etextbooks to stay current with the technology trend. Another key factor is to take the textbook company international so that your textbook company is not just here in the states but all over the world. Also a key factor is the cost of the books itself, many college students and international students are not able to afford these book so you should be aware of the price and if students do purchase an expensive book they like to feel that it was worth the purchase.

6. What competitive advantage or disadvantage might an eBooks only textbook publisher have relative to McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and other large international publishers? The competitive disadvantage is that an etextbook only textbook publisher have relative to McGraw-Hill, Pearson and other large international publishers is that the publishers will not make as