how does Chisholm present her thoughts and feelings on world war one? Essay

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How does Chisholm present her thoughts and feelings about world war one?
How far is the extract similar to and different from your wider reading in the literature of world war one? You should consider the writers' choice of form, structure and language.

Chisholm's thoughts about war, where very patriotic, she took everything as it came at her. 'I’m on'. As a woman, this is a very unusual role in the war, as many women preferred to stay at home. 'War was no place for a woman' many would say. Although Chisholm told the story about having to carry wounded soldiers on her back, was very impressive as she was only 'small'. This would have been very extraordinary as men were seen to be the stronger gender, that's why they had been asked to
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The form and structure of this extract was interview form, which was filled with a lot of unusual information about Chisholm's life. It has a sense of narrative style, as Chisholm describes her time during the war. She has short and directive replies when she was asked 'it was a game, was it?' however these short points, where more meaningful than, if she had gone into detail over how they never thought about death as they were only young and it wouldn't have crossed their minds. Short and touching words where really effective. Chisholm's language varied from each situation. When she describes the scene as the adventurous officer talked to her, her tone is a lot more business like as she was all about business, she had a 'reputation for doing things.' also she seemed very business like when she talked about her expedition when she was brought down to 'no man's land'. The poet Sybil Bristowe, wrote in her poem 'Over the Top' more about the time that they had left and about how they only had one way to go. In one way this is similar to Chisholm's work in the trenches as she only had one way to go and that was to go for it, and do all she needed, yet they are different, Sybil talks about death and how it is coming quick and they have to go for it, whereas Chisholm avoids death, she believes she was to young to think about it, she only ever thought about recovery and how they would live their lives after. Not many women took this role, it would not have been a very