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I agree. I feel as though in today’s society it is important in many areas of work of communication to understand the religious background of individual to prevent insulting them in any way or form. Learning about world religion can become helpful in many situations and can help people learn how to work with and understand others. Once you get an understanding of different religious backgrounds it will be easier and more efficient to view others in different perspectives. Learning religion also helps with history. Many of the religions we have today developed over time and has been a stepping stone to changing our world and our views. This may be true of the past, but what about the present - and the future? In recent times, critics have suggested that religion is on the way out. Technology and science have changed our view of the world radically, leading some to say that we've entered a new stage of human existence, without religion. Soon, they argue, it will truly be a thing of the past. In our day and age, rumors of religion's demise seem very premature - and perhaps there's no grain of truth in them at all. Religion persists and is often on the rise, even as scientific and non-religious perspectives have become prominent. We still find religion everywhere, on television, in film, in popular music, in our towns and neighborhoods. We discover religion at the center of global issues and cultural conflict. We see religion in the lives of the people we know and love, and in ourselves, as we live out and wrestle with our own religious faith. Why does religion continue to thrive? There are many reasons, but one thing is certain: religious traditions are adaptable in important ways. For many, contemporary religion even has room for skepticism, science, and the secular, which