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Journal 2: Understanding Relationship Throughout the course of the semester I have been emailing, The Terminator. I have never spoken to someone without knowing who they were so it was very challenging for, especially when I could not identify myself to them as well. In my first contact with the Terminator I was careful not to state anything that will give away who I am. I did not state my age, I did not my gender, I did not tell him my major, my ethnicity or anything I stated in class that would have given who I was away. The Terminator also did a very good in not telling me things that would not give him away. He did not state his gender but considering the name of the email, I automatically thought is was a male because I could never see a female calling herself the Terminator. One main thing I had to keep to myself was what sport I played in high school because I played softball. Softball is a female sport, so if I would have told him I use toplay softball he would have known I was a female. It was pretty tricky because the converstations just flow so well you do not realize you are giving away hits to the other person without even knowing it. Thankfully I caught on to that and was able to keep my gender hidden and not give it away. My perception of the Terminator did not chang very much throughout the course of this assignment because I started to pick up on things very quickly. For one, I had the idea that he was a male because of his name but once he began replying I automatically and confirmed it myself that he was a male. He is responses were that of a mans, they were very short and simple and he really did not say much. It was one of those conversations where if I did not try to engage ina conversation there will be no conversation. If I were emailing a female that would have not been the case. Us women, we talk and we can ramble on just about anything. As my partner and I continued to speak I did notice him becoming more comfortable with his responses. He was opening up more and responding a little less uptight thtroughout…