I Am Me Essay

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Tina Tran
Oct. 18, 2013
I Am Me

I Am Me
Have you ever thought about why you are who you are? There are many factors to making each individual unique from one another. From where we grew up all the way to our genetic codes, the vast variables that influence who we are differ with each human being. One might have a strong influence from their environment while others might have a heavy influence from their cultural aspects in life. Through these diverse variables, a person has different roles to play in life. Why one chooses a specific career is an effect of one or more of the many variables. These two work together to create distinctive lifetimes for each individual. My genetics, my culture and my environment help influence the roles of being a first generation college student, a tutor, and a Buddhist Youth member.
My parents moved to America during the Vietnam War along with my brother, and a few years later I was born. Due to my brother’s lack of interest in school, I am a first generation college student in my family. Having to deal with my brother’s dropout, my parents pushed me harder than ever to become successful and that is why I am going into the health profession. Ever since I was seven, I have been apart of a Buddhist Youth Organization. This association is a big part of my life due to the volunteer work, the bonds that I have formed with friends and the information I learn about my religion. A big part of this organization is Lion Dance. Every Lunar New Year, our team gets together and goes around the city lion dancing for places to bring in good luck for the upcoming year. I am extremely passionate about this because it is a great way to stay active and have fun all in one. I work as a second grade tutor on days I do not have class. In my organization, I was always around kids and I was taught to give back, therefore tutoring is the perfect job. I have a very large family, which is why I am extremely family oriented. Everything I am is because of everything around me that influence my life in the littlest of ways.
For every role that you play, there are always reasons for why those roles exist in your life. For example, a musician might have chosen to be one due to an inspiration from a loved one. The main roles that I currently play in my life are being a college student, a tutor and a Buddhist Youth member. Since my brother never finished school, my parents want the complete opposite for me. They want me to proceed to the highest level of education I can. From witnessing the hardships that my brother went through trying to make a living, I gained motivation to succeed. My parents are significantly older compared to all of my friend’s parents; so as I get older, they have gotten more health complications. My parents are a big factor in why I want to go into the health field. They have inspired and encouraged me to help those who are in need of health care in any means possible. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been apart of an amazing organization called The Buddhist Youth Association. At first my parents forced me to attend but as I aged, I became more attached to the group of people there. My behavior, mindset on life and logic in which I use to deal with daily problems are all influenced by this organization. I use everything that I have acquired about Buddhism and practice them in my every day life. Learning about compassion and karma really inspired me to want to give back to the community, that is why I work as a tutor for second graders. I truly believe that the younger generations are our future; therefore I wanted to make a difference and help them succeed. The money that I make helps pay for my classes. I am a tutor because of my strong ties with the association and the desperation of money to pay for college. The roles I play in life are, in a way, and effect of the other.
For each role that I play, there