I Am Music Essay

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I Am Music

When I was young I lost my mom to drugs, isolated from my family and in a sense became anti-social. I was being placed in foster home after foster home. During these times I had no one but music to understand me. When I found myself at hard moments in my life I knew I could turn to music to understand what I was going through. Now when people think of music they think of melodies, but I believe I am MUSIC! When I was about eight-years old I had wrote my first non-official song. After listening to what I had created; it was an eye opener for me. At this point I never quiet understood the formula how to write verses, and choruses. So most of what I was putting down on paper turned out to be drawn out verses. All of my life I have been influenced by music, no matter the genre, I had loved it all. During this time period I was just writing my thoughts down on paper and hoping that it flowed to any of the beats that were playing. Without the knowledge of instrumentals I found that most of what I was writing had a similar sound to whatever I listening to. And of course with the perfectionist soul I possessed, this was not good enough for me. I had to have a sound of my own and stories of my own. Over time I figured out how to make my words flow to the beat in a way that I desired, at that moment I was extremely proud of myself. Once I understood how to make words flow to any rhythm I still was faced against another obstacle, vocabulary, and pinpointing concepts of building an entire song. Years later I had been introduced to a variety of people who enjoyed music like I did, one of which was a fellow classmate. He had helped me understand how to stay focused within my writings, by doing exercises; picking three topics to write on. Now at the time I thought these practices had proved unworthy of the places I wanted to go, and the speed I wanted to obtain my goals in. It started to make sense the more I did them, every topic had its own verse (margin) to be explained within. Another exercise that I had practice was throwing away some of my old ideas, so I could bring in newer and improved ones. It was around this time that I got comfortable and turned my attention into writing poetry. I loved poetry, it was a way for me to vent and get a chance to recognize how I was feeling. I had also started writing poems for other people. This was a real eye opener for me because I found myself utilizing pain/struggle for ways to grab attention. No matter where one may come from, we all deal with the same issues. Then I became conscious, that instead of just writing for me I could interpret others situations, and use those as examples and concepts for both