I Am Poem Essay

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Hey, I know it's kind of late
I was hoping I could take.. a few minutes of your time, I know we needed space but you've been running Around in my mind as of late
I gotta ask, do you ever think about us? before you cut me off, can you sit down and just.. listen, I just gotta get this off my chest am I the only one with feelings that never left?
I know I messed up. I was so insecure
Maybe it's the fact that you were never sure but whatever we went through, how love turned into anger
It's killing me inside cause now we're just strangers
Tell me honestly, am I the one you're missing?
Am I in a dream where I still got your heart?
And you would come running back from the moment I would call you and I would be different. I'd only make it better
And I never should have said that we shouldn't be together so, am I wrong? I hope I'm getting through to you
Cause what we could of had, it could of been beautiful...

I tried so hard not to slip but you became a part of me I can't resist and even though we went our separate ways and you're happy where you are but for me
You're the one I miss

I promised myself that I wouldn't call cause I know what I'm doing not good at all and even though it's been quite a while and you're good where you are but for me...
You still exist.. Give me just another minute and then I'll let you go remember all them promises I said when we were gold?
Well I meant them, every single one of them how I never gave my love like this to any other man you were the exception, I was your infection
I hope you think good of me every time I'm mentioned…