I Am the Eater Essay

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I Am the Eater
In his article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, David Zinczenko emphasizes on the health hazards of children eating fast food and the reason why obesity is on the rise. Zinczenko suggests that the main cause of obese children is simply because fast food is easy to get. He starts of by giving us a good example as to why he even began to write this article. Zinczenko used to an overweight teenager and the main reason was that the unhealthy food was easy to get. Any of us could go get a meal at Whataburger, eat it and get back home quicker than we could have gone to the grocery store to get stuff for a healthy well balanced meal. He then shares with us something that will make anyone want to go on a diet. Zinczenko tells us that there are no calorie information charts on fast food packaging. Even worse, Zinczenko found that on one company’s website the information was false. No wonder the salads and fruit parfaits that we get at McDonalds don’t help us lose any weight. When people ask us, “Shouldn’t you know better?” I agree with Zinczenko. The problem is that most people don’t know better. Zinczenko shares with us a disturbing statistic; this is that type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30% of all new childhood cases of diabetes in our country. Again this is the result of two things, fast food being easy to get and societies’ lack of information about the foods they are consuming. So while most people think that they are doing great on their diet, they really are just filling their bodies with more junk. Zinczenko is arguing something that should never have even happened. He proclaims that the industry is vulnerable. They are giving children a product to consume that is proven to have severe health hazards, but yet they provide no labels whatsoever and that leads to children under the age of ten with diabetes. If people demanded publicity of warning labels for foods from companies like McDonalds, we would see change. Without a change of any kind we will see more children being diagnosed with a terrible sickness, diabetes. Now, if anyone were to ask me where I stand on this argument I could easily say that