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The Negative Consequences Of Hydraulic Fracturing.

Fracturing a method used in extraction of natural gas stood a test of time. United states of America (USA) has used fracturing for the lengthiest period of time where nearly a million wells are estimated to have been fracked and drilled (The Economist 2011). A ban was imposed in France as the environmentalists took a dislike in fracturing techniques of using chemicals, sand and high pressure. The documentary Gasland brought up a lot of side effects of fracturing in America. Josh Fox the director, traveled across America investigating and interviewing people about fracturing and the negative effects they endured. He exposed the gas industry on what is really going on after he was offered one hundred thousand dollars for his land from a gas land company. Hydraulic fracturing has been known to cause earthquakes and in some instances, people have been able to light their water on fire. In “The New York Times” David Molly states “the Constitutional council ruled against a challenge by Schuepbach Energy which is an American company whose exploring permits were revoked after the French Parliament banned the practice of fracturing.” Schuepbach Energy claimed that the law violated its rights and unfairly singled out fracturing and was unconstitutional but according to President François Hollande “this law has been contested several times” and the ruling was a victory to him (New York Times). According to the EPA, they reported an issue that linked hydraulic fracturing to underground water pollution. EPA also states that many chemicals in hydraulic fracturing are linked to human health issues like cancer, skin disorders and worst of it all is death. Companies do not tell people what is really in the chemicals they are using for hydraulic fracturing. The natural gas company’s most common defense is that the fluids in fracturing consist of mainly water and less than 1 percent is a chemical. A scientist named Robert Jackson sampled water from 60 wells around the fracturing site and found that 85