I Believe Essay

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“I Believe,” by Robert Gibson
Robert P. Gibson Sr.
ENG: 121: English Composition 1
Mrs. Hamilton
March 11, 2013

‘I Believe”
I would like to illuminate you all, to the possibilities of Unidentified Flying Objects or (UFO’s) floating in the skies above us.
“Although, many skeptics have trouble believing, these craft truly exist; I must argue to the contrary, based on a brief encounter I had with one such a craft, I shall regale you with my location, who I was with, what led to the sighting, a description of its camouflage, size, and speed, I implore you to keep an open mind for what might seem to be an improbable sequence of events.”
A couple of us had arrived early one chilly, summer, morning to set-up the equipment for a rooftop, concrete, slab. The final poor of a three story building we had been working on for the past year. Needless to say, “I was excited to be part of a very talented team of concrete men at the top of their performance.
“I must come straight to the point,” my co-worker Richard and I had just finished setting-up the equipment for the day. The two of us were the only ones on the roof and we were enjoying the calm before the storm. It was still early morning the skies to the West were still dark with a wonderful, seeming endless blanket of stars twinkling in the morning sky. To the East; the sun would soon crest the Cascade Mountains delivering warmth to an otherwise chilly valley below, “it was a beautiful sight to behold.” Inspired by the moment; I reached-up with both arms towards the sky and exclaimed, “I love this” that’s when Richard ran over to me, grabbed me by the waist with a bear-hug and lifted me into the air.

It was at this moment, when I noticed three, brightly lit, rectangular windows looming above us in the northwestern sky about a quarter mile from our position. However, I could not see the craft “itself” at this time, merely its illuminated windows. I pushed Richard away, not taking my eyes off the windows for a second. Then I pointed in the same direction of the craft to regale Richard with its apparent observation of us. This was when I noticed its silhouette as it slowly began to move north away from us silently gliding through the sky.
The crafts camouflage; seemed to project a…