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Peter Dawe

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”:
A this I Believe Essay

I believe that hard work pays off. Often times, at least as of recently, people are always looking for the easy way out. Many teenagers want to do the least work possible, no matter the negative effects that occur. The majority chooses to do the bare minimum, whether it be while doing homework or during a practice. However, I have learned, so far, that if I put in the time and put in the work necessary to begin with I will achieve the goals that I have set for myself. The belief if I have do what is needed I will be successful pertains to all aspects of life, from becoming a better athlete or gaining a higher education. The reason I understand the importance of effort, for myself to have persistence and complete my objectives correctly, is because I learned the hard way. As a baseball player, I must always practice to keep the level of performance I expect of myself. However, I did not understand that I needed to practice to keep myself in competing condition until too late. The summer of freshman year I had an important baseball tournament, I thought I would be able to pitch as well as I had during the regular season. The difference was that I had not thrown, practiced, or trained to keep myself in competitive shape. Needless to say after my game, I was devastated and upset at my unacceptable play. I felt that I had not only let down myself, but my team as well. The day after I realized my error, I made a promise to myself that I would never let myself perform poorly again. This moment was extremely bittersweet because of my performance, but I also learned a lesson that is valuable and applicable to everything I do. I understood that if I did not