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April 05, 2013
I believe…
Have you walked through the grocery store lately and seen the junk our country is trying to market to our children? All the pretty colors and cartoon gimmicks they use to persuade our young ones to eat their so called “Food.” Have you peeked into other peoples shopping carts? Well I have and I am astounded by the amount of junk people buy and I can’t believe parents are being fooled by these Rat Bastard liars. I have some strong disagreements with how we as a nation should be feeding our children. According to the American Heart Association childhood obesity is at its highest. One in three children and teens are considered to be obese. That rate has tripled since 1963. Do parents even realize that their children can suffer from a variety of health problems including high blood pressure and diabetes? They are also more prone to mental illnesses like low self-esteem and depression. I have seen children who suffer from ADHD and/or Autism that have been put on a special food restrictions and if you compare them to the children that are on meds you get the same or close effect of rational behavior. I am not saying that kids with these issues a do not need meds, I am just simply stating that parents should try the food restrictions first. My daughter’s fifth grade teacher tried diagnosing her with ADHD. Before I had even taken her to be evaluated our pediatrician was already trying to prescribe her with medicine. I took her to ADHD specialist where they did a food allergy test and she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The Celiac Disease is what was causing her to have ADHD symptoms. Have you read the ingredients on the food items you bring home? Most lists are a mile long. Can anyone besides an Evil Lab Scientist pronounce those words anyway? I know