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English 101
February 16th, 2014
Being Happy With Yourself It was at the age of eleven that I reached a small predicament in my so far, short life. I was with my family, driving through the heart of Saudi Arabia. A combined 34 hours back and forth, visiting the second, third, and fourth largest cities. Jeddah, Mecca, and Medina. A trip like no other as I now recall. It was through the large mountains and deserts that we so swiftly passed through, that I truly understood how gigantic this fantastic world of ours really is. It came to my attention that I was very very small, an ant to be more specific. I was terrified, not by the size, but the density. Billions of people on this earth, what makes me any more different or unique than the millions who died and are now wiped from human history, like they never even existed. I made a promise to myself, to make a difference, to give my life meaning, and be somehow remembered when I am no longer roaming the earth. I believe in being remembered because to be forgotten is my biggest nightmare. From that moment forth I was to be a different person. That summer of Two thousand and six I grew, in a way that surprised me. I had motives, goals, and a burning desire. Growing up I was always surrounded by better soccer players than me, I struggled. I would no longer be a somewhat good player, I was to be the best, and I achieved that. I hated to be mediocre, a certain annoyance came over me whenever I felt the word echo in my head. I wanted to be remembered in a high regard considering the things I loved. Life is not to be wasted, it was to be lived to the fullest, impacting myself and certainly the people around me in a positive way. Certainly being a person who traveled a lot, I made friends all over the world. I try to remember everybody's birthday, a show of respect that the person left a good enough impression on me enough to be remembered, something that I strive for. Almost like a self fulfilling prophecy of endless possibility. But something happened. "Life, it goes on" is the truest quote I ever read. So much deeper than those four words. Is that whatever happens to me, it will just.....go on. I recently read a plane crashed in a mountain somewhere, eighteen…