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Imagine you’re walking around town with your friends. All of a sudden you see a lady hunched over walking slowly with her walker, walking outside the grocery store. As she walks to her car you see a bumper sticker that says Army Strong. Do you ever wonder how this person’s life was different from the world today? I do this often after listening to my great grandpa talk about his life as a teenager and young adult. For most people his stories were just stories, but for me his stories had meaning because they are part of my family’s past and always taught me a lesson. When I listened to his stories I could really picture how the times were in the 1930’s and 1940’s. One of the first stories my great grandpa ever told me was about growing up on a farm in Minnesota. He would explain that he learned a lot from growing up on a farm but one of the main lessons he learned is that hard work pays off. He would tell me that if I worked hard towards anything I could achieve whatever I wanted. He loved telling random stories about hunting with his buddies instead of doing his chores on the farm. He would explain to me that hunting can teach patience, discipline, and self-control. I have never hunted myself but because of him I always work hard to have these characteristics. Several times he would tell me his favorite story which was about my great grandma and how much he loved her. He would explain how they only met a couple months before he was drafted into world war two. My great grandma was devastated he had to leave and she wanted to marry him before he left for war. My