I Believe Essay: an Answer

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An Answer...

It is something people have fought for. It is something that people have died for. It is something that mankind has been trying to achieve for decades. Equality; the answer to the worlds problems, an end to the seemingly never-ending feud that has us headed down an infinite spiral staircase.

Equality is the vaccine to our world sickness but is just in the process of being allocated out. I turn on the TV and the first thing I see on the news is “Breaking News: a car bombing in Libya has killed 23 and critically injured 27 others. An American soldier has unfortunately died in the explosion.” Sickening stories like these don’t affect us directly but Instead affect us emotionally. Guess what caused these grotesque crimes? The absence of equality. I am the type of person who wants to make a difference, who wants to make these acts disappear, who wants to see an end to this nonsense.

What Causes war? What is the mere point of war? Inequality. We fight to enforce someones own belief usually that decision was made not for the best of the people but for the advantage of the person in power that dictates the decision. We fight for the wrong reason. We fight to apprehend people who don't believe in what we believe in. Everyone should believe in whatever they think is right. This philosophy, with some parameters, can prevent hate, crime, war, and death and instead promote selflessness. I would fight for that.

A few years ago, on the way to Seattle, I witnessed the harsh contrast between rich city-living and sleep-on-the-sidewalk street dwelling. One thing I noticed was most of the homeless people were black or colored and most of the fortunate, city people were white. Proof that there is racial discrimination going on. I cannot stand it.. All beings are born with equal attributes so why not allow people a shot to thrive. To live.

No matter your ethnicity, gender, occupation, and orientation I believe that you, whoever