I Believe In God Essay

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I believe in God. I follow him and trust him to lead me through life and I am not alone. Almost everyone has created a spiritual god within their minds to turn to in times of need or simply to make sense of unanswered questions. “The desire for guidance, love, and support prompts men to form the social or moral conception of God.” – Albert Einstein

Men, meaning humans in general, desire guidance. They want someone to look up to, take after, someone who will help lead them through life when they are unsure of what to do. It is simply human nature. Many come across times when there is not always someone there willing to guide you and, therefor has led to the formation of a spiritual God to fulfill these desires.

An obvious desire of everyone is love. We spend our whole lives looking for it and when it cannot be found where do we go? We turn to God to make us feel loved. We turn to God to make us feel like we are wanted. We know this love will always be there no matter what. It won’t fade as we get older or disappear when we are at our lowest. The best thing about this love from God is that it is a safe love. One where we know our hearts will not get broken and we won’t be forgotten because God is always there.

Something it is almost impossible to get through life without is support. We depend on support from our friends, family, and God to help us when we are our weakest. The support from our friends and family may sometimes not be strong enough, or even