I Believe That Racism Is What Holds Humanity Back As A Culture Because It Pushes Us Apart More Than It Pulls Us Together Essay

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I believe that racism is what holds humanity back as a culture because it pushes us apart more than it pulls us together. Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess the characteristics or abilities specific to that race.
There are four different types of racism reverse racism, subtle racism, internalized racism, and colorism. The strongest form of racism in the 21st century is reverse racism. Reverse racism is the practice of making it more difficult for a certain type of person to get a job or to go to a certain school. Subtle racism is the subtle common placed forms of racism such as being ignored, ridiculed or treated differently. The personal conscience or sub-conscience acceptance of the dominant racist views, stereotypes, and biases of one's ethnic group is called internalized racism. The last form of racism is colorism, colorism is the prejudice discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people in the back community.
Some people would say that the world is post racism, but that isn't true. Racism still exist all around the world. And where is it worse? Right here in our own home, the United States. Racism is caused by the bigotry of race color, nationality, religion and other factors.
Ignorance is the number one cause of racism. If we know better we can act better, especially if we have the confidence to put that knowledge into action. If we grow up doing one thing and everyone else around us does it too, we then come to