I Believe That Tattoos Do Not Make Me Any Less Proper To Be Accepting Essay

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Outlook on Tattoos
By: Hunter Pavy
CSA New Tech High School

I believe that tattoos do not make me any less proper to be accepting, loving, understanding and encouraging. I remember the day I decided to get my first tattoo, and how long it took me to choose the right one. I knew I wanted it to be meaningful, knowing it would be there for the rest of my life. When I started with my first tattoo it was only because I thought they were “cool,” after gradually getting more I realized they each had a story behind them. Over the years, my tattoos have revealed to me how much I not only have matured but grown as a person.
Many people have their own opinions about my tattoos, but at the end of the day, it’s not on their body. Our personal decisions are ours to make, but don’t expect everyone else to applaud them. I feel society is more accepting today than they have ever been. We have people of all ages sporting their tattoos. I find that some of my tattoos become conversational pieces, ranging from, why that one? What do your parents say? Was it painful? Picking out a tattoo is never an easy decision; it shouldn’t be a one day thinking process. As for my parents, how do you know they don’t have tattoos also? Pain doesn’t exist when you really want something bad enough. I’m used to complete strangers labeling me based off of my tattoos. I have also noticed that most moms get criticized for the questionable example they are setting for their children. Tattoos have expanded into hairdressers, graphic designers, teachers, and the most disturbingly “cool dads.”
Who are we supposed to be when we’re older? When I see an older person with several tattoos, I automatically think he or she lived their life to the fullest. It’s almost as though I can…