I Choose To Watch Beauty And The Beast For My Movie Essay

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I choose to watch Beauty and the Beast for my movie, you are probably thinking why a children’s movie, well as I looked at what was a good movie that would show gender portrayal and the roles she and him portrayed. You see Belle is a beautiful girl who is skinny, which is a pear shaped body that we would all like to have, she is a young girl who loves to read and does not seen too interested in the idea of marriage. As a female she is portrayed that she is to be a nurture and a housekeeper. Now as for Gaston he is the masculine type man who sports it well, you know the type of body we wish all our men had. He also portrayed as the dominate character that is sexist towards females and he expects the women to be submissive. Gaston really wants to make Belle his wife, but she has no interest in him. Later in the movie he tells Belle she need to stop reading books and think more about marriage and the duties of a housewife. I can see throughout the movie that it is implied that women should not indulge in actives such as reading and focus more on the roles of a women, which would include house duties and taking care of family and household duties. Also in the movie Gaston is his abusive treatment towards Belle, this is another message that it is ok for men to be abusive and aggressive to women. Even though he treats Belle like this she still believes it is her responsibility to take care of him and love him. I think Belle represents a women who lives in an