I Confess That I Haave Live Essay

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"I confess that I have lived;" I love that Neruda’s book. When I first read it, I was surprised by the wonderful experiences that the author had during his lifetime: travel, love, poetry and, adventures. I could feel the smell of the forest, so the writing, I lived through its pages. I was wondering when I would have my own adventure. I was always an adventurous woman and always wanted more knowledge and wisdom. Years later, without imagining, I embark on the wonderful journey of motherhood. There, I began my book of adventures, including one call Autism.
Aaron was almost two years old, when we received his diagnosis. I still remember that moment like it was yesterday. We were at the doctor's office, I grabbed my husband's hand tightly, and in my mind I already knew the results, but my heart was beating faster, holding into hope. The doctor spoke and the word "autism" came to my ears as an echo. After that we did not say much and, we left the office quietly. On the way home, neither my husband nor I speak. I do not know what he was thinking, but I was realizing how our life would change, all our plans and our projects would have to be modified.
When we got home, I took Aaron inside the house but my husband stayed in the car. Aaron began to play with his toys like a normal child; I watched and wondered why a child so beautiful and so perfect could have autism. I started to question myself what I was mistaken, what I had done wrong, I blame myself for putting Aaron in this situation. My husband came inside the house, and although he said nothing, I could see in his eyes the traces of tears. I walk towards him, and while I search for his arms, I asked him: "what are we going to do?," for a moment he said nothing, then He kissed my forehead and said in a sweet and serene voice "We will do what we have to do, and give him all our love," he paused and smiled, "look at him, he is still our little boy, the same Aaron that was yesterday." At that moment we made a promise to ourselves and to Aaron; that Aaron would not be defined by his condition, we would dedicate all our time and all our resources so that Aaron could define