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Since I was a baby my emotional bond with my mother was unbreakable. I can remember like yesterday when my mom tried to go out with her friends and I would cry so that she could stay in the house with me. The attachment that I had with my mom during my childhood was so strong and no one could come between us. The way that I can describe my relationship with my mom during that time in my life was having a very secure attachment to her. If my mom would describe me as a baby she would say that I was like her shadow and there is no where that she could go without me. My childhood was filled with a very vivid imagination where I would live out all of my fantasies and dreams. I went from a stage where I wanted to become a teacher so my mom bought my teacher’s books, a real overhead projector, dry-erase boards, and anything else that would bring my imagination into reality. Playing store was another one of my favorite things to and I had a real cash register with real money in it to play with. Even though I was a little girl I still enjoyed playing outside in the dirt no matter if it was snowing or sunny outside. Everyday seemed to be a new adventure and life just seemed like there were no worries at all! There was nothing that my mother could not do to ensure that I had the most amazing childhood that I could ever imagine! During my adolescence years it started off very rough for me because I moved from my hometown in North Carolina to Florida. Making new friends was not in my agenda and in doing so I found myself establishing a new identity based on the choices and values of others which is also known as the foreclosure status in the Stages of Identity Development. All of my family and friends were in North Carolina and for me to leave them was so detrimental to me back then. Being a very tall and slim girl in my adolescence years trying to fit in was very difficult because most girls had already went through puberty. I was often teased for still being able to wear a training bra and this led me to change my outer appearance so that I would dress more like the older girls in school. If you didn’t have name brand clothes you were not a part of the in-crowd. I can remember getting into trouble in school for being a class clown just because I was following my peers. For some reason it was very cool back then to get into trouble because it showed how bold you were. Fitting in during my adolescence years was the most important hurdle that I had to conquer to make it through. Now that I am in my early adulthood I can really appreciate life and the importance of having structure in my life. When you are younger you plan out your entire life but as you get older you realize that things don’t also go as planned. Being 27 years old now I thought that my life would follow a general sequence known as the social clock. Comparing my life to my mother’s life she was married had a house, a career, and she had me by the age of 27 but, in contrast I am living at home with my mom, attending college, and I don’t have any kids. Right now my education is the most important thing in my life and I want to ensure that I am able to financially provide for