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I Decide
Charles Watson
March 29, 2015
Lisa Risley

I Decide
Interview One Proposal Helen Ross the Network technician is complaining about printing issues. With the amount of printing that goes on within the network, there is a solution to accommodate the issue. The first solution is to add a printer server to the network to help reduce congestion for printing. Print Servers allow multiple users to print on the network and will print the current jobs and queue the older ones till the printer is ready. Print servers can be more easily managed if there is congestion on the server and determine the issue. Print servers are dedicated servers, so with this, it can allow for computers to free up disk space. Due to the network being old, there are a couple of options that can help alleviate the collisions on the network such as updating the hubs to switches and the connection type to Fiber 1000Based-F. The 24 port switch will greatly reduce congestion on the network as switches are “smart” and will direct packets to where they need to go. Switches can be added to each segment of the network to reduce congestion even more allowing workers faster connection during the morning hours.
Interview Two proposal To help with the wireless connection, installing a radio wireless media connection will allow you to gain access to the network. However, you have to be within range to connect and get the necessary credentials from the administrator. For helping increase the speed, using a Fiber 1000Based-F backbone will help your connection tremendously. This will allow you to connect directly and receive that 1Gbps, well over the 100 Mbps needed to have a stable connection and standard implemented by the company.
Interview Three proposal The best solution for this situation is to add a 24 port switch to the segment of the network. This will allow all teachers to have access to the network as well as additional spaces for adding other devices with minimal issues. Using the 24 port switch will increase the speed up to 10Gpbs decreasing the speed of connection you are currently experiencing. Implementing the switches will also help increase speed because of the fact it allows packet switching- inspects the packets travelling over the network to ensure it gets to the right person and makes sure they are intact properly. Switches also have the ability to increase performance by pre-determining the destination the information is…