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Mr. Weber History of music 9 October 2014 Biography of Jean Sibelius Jean Sibelius was born in a small town in Finland on 8 December 1865. He learned violin and music theory when he was young. Later, he graduated from the Helsinki Music School. Before going to Berlin and Vienna for advanced studies, he composed many great works. Its musical works embodied the fiery patriotism and nationalism, thereby influencing the world. He created seven symphonies and symphonic poems in his life. And he became one of the most famous musicians in the world. His works are still familiar today. In Sibeliuss childhood, Sibelius was born in a small garrison town in the Grand Duchy of Finland at that time. The country was at that time part of the Russian Empire. He is the second of three children. His father is Christian Gustaf Sibelius, a 44-year-old medical doctor who was City Medical Officer and physician to the Sniper Battalion. Sibeliuss mother is Maria Charlotta Sibelius, who was aged 24 at the time of his birth. Sibelius has a brother, named Johan, who had been the captain of a merchant ship. As a boy jean had a rich imagination. Once when his mother was playing the grand piano, he crawled under it and tried to associate the notes he heard with the colors of the stripes in the rag rug. Sibeliuss relatives took him to concerts from an early age, and he tried to pick out chords and melodies on the piano when he was four years old. In a summer concert, Jean would made loud comments on the music from the audience everybody was very surprised to hear child critiquing the music. In the autumn of 1872, Jean started at the Swedish preparatory school, he was restless, and he was often put under the teachers desk as a punishment. During these years, his aunt tried to give Jean more challenging, hitting him on the fingers with a knitting needle after every wrong note. However, under his aunts instruction, Sibelius learned to read music. Sibelius keep study in Berlin and Vienna. In this period, he finally gave up his precious violin. He said this is a very painful awakening, I have to admit, I started my occupation career strictly performer too late for training. At the beginning in 1890s, he was enthusiastic, but for some reason, he began to feel disgusted in his music, calling it pompous and vulgar.1891 Sibelius return to Finland to begin the creation of a large-scale choral orchestral work, this piece of music became the Kullervo symphony --- his first important work. After the Kullervo Symphony premiered on April 28, 1892 Sibelius withdrew and performed it only once in his life. The year after his death, in 1957 the Kullervo Symphony was performed again, establishing it as the most original of his work. In 1892, Sibelius married with Finlands patriots, Helsinki chief executive Jarnefelts daughter, Aino, and served at the university in Helsinki. During this period Sibelius wrote symphonic a poem, En Saga, and debuted on February 16 1893. The writer Erkko suggested that Sibelius compos operas. Starting from the creation of the Kullervo Symphony, Sibelius still used this as a source of inspiration. And he wrote the famous symphonic poem Pohjola Daughter as an opera. In 1897 the Finnish Senate voted to pay Sibelius a short-term pension, which some years later became a lifetime conferral. Sibelius First