Reflection On Romanticism

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Loi Ha
Mr. C
Language Arts / 6th period
Personal Reflection
When I first heard that we were learning about Romanticism, I thought that we would talk about love, cupids, and hearts. I was not looking forward to this project. However, once I learnt what Romanticism really meant, I was even less interested. I could not imagine working on this project for weeks. Though I cannot deny that the Romantic period was a great change from Industrialism, and that it was a unique way of life compared to how they were used to living, this era was very dull. Life throughout this period was greatly influenced by nature, which gave birth to creativity and different types of art. I would not be able to imagine myself living in this era.
Another thing that I disliked about this project is that I feel as if we had too many different types of papers to do. I felt as if I was rushed due to the fact that we only had two days at each station. I would often have to take home papers and it would overlap with others from different stations, forcing me to multitask and rush my work. I think that if I were to just do one project, the quality of this project would have increased tremendously. I also think that dialectical notes were almost pointless on this project, as it was hard enough reading the language of Robin Hood. In all, I have spent over seven hours working on dialectical notes, half of which was looking for figurative language in my book.
Overall, I believe that this project