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September 16, 2013
How the Educational System Let Me Down

Systems are made to fail. And success is the result of failure. Yet we humans have not yet been able to achieve success in everything we do. Whether it is politically, educationally, or as a society, success is yet to be accomplished.

I will be discussing the educational system and a time when it has failed me. In general, everyone knows the educational system is imperfect, but we do not always do something to improve it. Students often try to cause even more problems by misbehaving and not following rules. I am not perfect and I will never be, but I too do not agree with some rules that are put forth. Yet what really gets me mad is how some students get away with what they did without serving the proper consequence. This is because they are a teacher’s “favourite”, and I blame the teacher for allowing this to happen.

It was a cold rainy day in mid-November. Leaves were calmly falling from the colourful towering trees. On this day, I was late for the first time. I got a ride to school and was slowed down due to the traffic and rainy weather.

Finally, I was able to enter the school, but the announcements had already started. Feeling dreadful I made my way to the attendance office, only to find a large group of students enough to make a football team. As I was following in line and waiting patiently for my turn, I couldn’t help but notice a student who comes running in the office. His clothes were…